assessing personality & dynamics

identifying the needs and emotions that drive behavior

As humans, we are driven to ask the question ‘Who am I?’ In business, as a leader or entrepreneur, using this kind of insight about ourselves and others leads to stronger performance and greater personal satisfaction.  At Caliber, we offer a number of different models or perspectives to gain insight depending on the purpose, context and desired outcomes. We offer psychometric testing as well as assessment tools developed by Caliber which are customizable for client needs. These assessments can be used to enhance individual leadership effectiveness, develop high performance leadership teams, drive rapid effectiveness of new teams, support career management efforts and improve relationships at all levels of the organization.

When completed collectively by a senior leadership team, they can provide deep insight into the dynamics of the organization and support growth and change. As well, they are valuable resources for selecting and integrating new leaders into organization by directing interview questions and onboarding activities.

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