developing leaders authentically

engage the power of authenticity & lead from who you

Your organization’s leadership is critical to the success of your business. Often, leaders get stuck when their business grows beyond their skill level and comfort zone, and they don’t know how to lead the business out of this state. This is where Caliber can help. We believe that authentic leadership emerges from self-awareness. Our developmental approaches help leaders become aware of who they are, separate from who they are trying to be. We help them build tolerance to feedback and honest self-expression. We also address the negative dynamics between leaders and their people that cause instability and high turnover. Authentic leadership development transforms leaders at a deeper level, so that the change they experience, and the contextual change around them, are sustainable over time

Without the proper systems being in place to support behavioral change in leaders and leadership teams, leadership development can fail to have any impact on the organization. Because we specialize in working with CEOs, entrepreneurs and senior executives, we are used to developing leaders in the context of organizational growth and change. Our process involves scoping the context for the leader, and the assessment of personality, beliefs and current practices before we get to work. We have all the tools you need to strengthen leadership capacity in your organization.

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