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helping a new senior leadership team make the shift to a matrix organization Our client, a global mining company, had just made a significant acquisition, expanding their holdings to include mines in three additional countries. The CEO was new to his role, and the senior leadership team was newly formed, with many of the members new to their roles as well. Team members were used to driving for results and making decisions autonomously, and lacked experience with working on a senior team where…read more

helping a leader build their HR function  An entrepreneurial gaming company had experienced a year of enormous growth. The leader had always maintained that he would not have an Human Resources Department as he felt that it was the job of all managers to take care of their people. However, with the problems with turnover, performance management and the significant loss of revenue from bad hiring decisions, he came to see the value of creating an HR service function that reflected the culture he was determined to maintain…read more

building an infrastructure to stabilize a struggling entrepreneurial business Partners in a technology business had been in crisis for almost a year. After years of fast-paced growth, they were quickly losing their traction and sales were plummeting. The partners had created a culture that blended their personal and business lives. They tried hard to keep the “play” in work, and there weren’t a lot of expectations set, nor was there much in the way of accountability. They didn’t want to build atraditional business hierarchy…
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undoing the destructive impact of imposed change & centralization of authority The leadership team of a global logistics and cold storage company decided that due to their recent growth through acquisitions, they needed to restructure the management of the regions and implement two company wide programs: performance management and SOPs. It was felt that these two programs were a high priority because of an increase in theft, and losses due to damaged products. They were unhappy with how their regional managers…
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